Welcome to my Essential Oils spot! My family has been using Essential Oils for years, and we’ve grown to love them so much. They offer so much more than just a good smell! We use them for many different things and I don’t know what we’d do without them.

I wanted a space to share oils specific posts and things without bombarding anyone who wasn’t particularly interested in what they’re all about, so here we are! I will share about them periodically on my blog posts as well as my instagram page (FIND THAT HERE).

I LOVE cute EO (essential oils) recipe cards. I’ve received them in the mail from fellow brand partners as little bits of “happy mail” and I’ve seen others frame them to sit beside their diffusers, which I think it a really cute idea. You can purchase them from different EO users, but I love being creative and making my own thing, so I’ve started making some and offering them in my Etsy shop!

There are countless EO accessories out there to use with your oils. You can make SO MANY THINGS with your oils from face serums to cleaning products to diffuser bombs to even cooking with them. You can find lots of different accessories on the Young Living Website, but you can also find lots of great options on Amazon! I created a list on Amazon with all my favorites and I just go purchase from my list when I need something. Here are some things that I have found useful to use with my oils!

  1. 10 ml Clear Glass Bottles with Glass Droppers – these are perfect for making your own diffuser bombs and face serums.
  2. Frosted Glass Dropper Bottles – these are SO CUTE and perfect for making your own diffuser bombs and face serums.
  3. Clear Glass Storage Jar with Cork Stopper and Wooden Spoon – these make awesome storage containers for homemade salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, or bath salts.
  4. Ceramic Pineapple Diffuser – this is just adorable! I love pineapples and I love using this diffuser in the summer months.
  5. Plastic Transfer Pipettes – these are so useful when you’re trying to make things with your oils. This helps you get more out of your bottle, and makes things move a little faster!
  6. Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser – did you know you can make your own foaming hand soap with thieves?! These are SO cute for just that!
  7. Essential Oil Dropper Bottles – I love using these little bottles (in the 1ml or 2ml) to send samples to friends. These would also be great if you’re traveling and only want to take a little bit of your favorite diffuser bombs or serums!
  8. USB Essential Oil Car Diffuser – these fit right in your cup holder!! So perfect for long road trips, or to take while you’re traveling! Can plug it in to a portable charger on the go!
  9. Chiseled Round Essential Oil Holder – I love the look of this, and it’s so nice to have sitting near your diffuser to house your most used oils for the day / week / month, etc!
  10. Essential Oil Carrying Case – these work so great to pack your oils for when you’re traveling!


Sometimes you’re just not sure what oils to get. That can be the hardest part! To help with those who may not know which direction to take or which oils they should get, I’ve created some pre-made bundles depending on what your needs are. Click on the images below to be taken directly to the Young Living Website where you can add those oils to your cart. You do not have to get every single oil in the bundle, you can only get one oil at a time if that’s your speed, but they’re bundled together to help take the guess work out of it, should you need it! If you run in to any trouble with the links, please let me know!