Life Lately

Hi Friends! It’s been so long since I’ve updated. I feel like so much has happened since we moved here! Lots of changes – and I’d say all for the better.

Looking back to one of my lasts posts, I was talking about my goals and one of them was to get a job. Well, since then I’ve had two jobs. The first one was with the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service. I had interviewed there three times, and was beginning to think I wouldn’t get a job, but thankfully the Ag Department gave me a chance. I was their Admin Assistant, working for a small unit of 5 people. I started there towards the end of February. In April, I received a message back from the people I interviewed with in January – my very first interview in Arkansas. I followed up with them, and they offered me a position with the State of Arkansas in the Office of State Procurement. I wasn’t looking to leave UAEX, but when Procurement offered me the position, it was something I would have been stupid to turn down. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be where I am now. It’s a very rewarding job where I stretch my brain daily and learn so much. I feel like I’ve gained some invaluable knowledge in the short time I’ve been there, and I’m just so thankful they allowed me to join their team. I get to do some really neat things, and meet some really neat people. I get to be a part of things that are bigger than me, and I just love that feeling. I feel like I’m doing a job that’s important, and that matters. It’s been a great move for me.

Shelby has also had two jobs since we moved. He started out at Chenal Country club (the reason we moved to Arkansas) and a short time after he started there he was offered a job with Cobra Puma Golf as a Sales Representative for AR, MS, and LA. It’s kept him super busy, and I feel like he’s always on the phone with someone or emailing with someone trying to help them and meet their needs. He travels quite a bit, and I know that he will have seasons where he travels more than others. He works from home, and that has been an adjustment, but he’s getting there. I’m so thankful for the flexibility that it’s added to our family. Things have come up where he’s needed to step in when I couldn’t, and if he had the job at Chenal he wouldn’t have been able to do that.

I feel like God knows what we need, he knows what’s ahead, and he places us in positions to be successful. Neither of us predicted we’d be where we are now, but here we are and we are so thankful for what has transpired.

Harper was 6 months old when we moved, and now she’s a busy 13 month old. She’s walking and talking and eating us out of house and home. We call her “Happy Harper” or “Hoss Cat Harper”..haha. This girls L O V E S to eat, and I think that’s one of my favorite things about her. She makes life so fun. She’s so good. She listens so well, and doesn’t give us any problems. I feel like we can take her anywhere at any time and feel confident that she’s going to be behaved and not cause us any stress. I also realize that she’s going to get older and more independent and the days of her being sweet little obedient Harper may be numbered .. but for the meantime we are going to enjoy it! She’s got that light blonde hair that sticks up on top of her head when we put it in a ponytail, and people are drawn to her. She loves the attention, haha.

We are still living in our townhouse. The kids have some sweet little neighbors to play with, and there’s a new bakery going in right behind our house that we are so excited about. For a moment we were in the mindset of purchasing a house, but we’ve had some chances to reevaluate and look ahead and I think we are going to stay put for a little while longer. This gives us the chance for our dream home in our dream location to open up. I’m happy to be able to focus on the kids and on each other and on having a great rest of 2019, and not have to focus on trying to find a house and move.

Tristan and Kate just started a new school year. They’re so excited and happy to be back with their friends. They are happy that they’re not the “new kids” at their school this year, and they get to be there the entire year. It’s such a great school. We moved to the city we live in for the schools, and it’s turned out to be a great decision. The hardest part for us is establishing those routines, so that’s what we are in the trial and error phase of now. I’m hoping we can nail down a solid routine, I feel like we’ve struggled so much in the past.

For myself, and moving forward, I’ve got a list of things I’d like to start working on. I’ve just been hanging on the last several months, and I think it’s time I start doing some things for myself. We are hoping that this new school year can sort of be a new beginning on other things as well. We are starting to feel settled, and now we need to focus on making life the best it can be. For me, that starts with trying to get myself in a good place.

I’m so happy to be back to my blog. I’ve missed being able to share in this space. I’m so thankful for my friends to read and encourage me.