Faith + Trust

One of my oldest blogging friends, ELAINA, and I have been talking briefly about our word for the new year. It’s been a long time since I’ve focused on a word like this, but almost immediately my word (or words) came to mind. My main focus this year is to pray big prayers over our life. By doing that, it causes me to do something that I really struggle with : have faith and TRUST God.

Visualize ice skating .. for the past several years I’ve lived my life with one hand on the wall. Out in the middle are blessings and happiness and fun and friends and my hopes and dreams (and God), but I’m so scared of falling that I never let go of the wall. I’ve spent so much wasted time clinging to what I think is safe. But at what cost? I’m missing out on so much, and I’m tired of missing out.

That brings me to my word for 2020. I think I’m going to focus on 2 words this year and more than likely use them interchangeably.

I need to have faith that God is going to hear my big prayers and trust that he’s going to take care of my family and answer our prayers. I’ve mentioned more than once that I’m so scared to surrender completely to God, because I’m afraid he’s going to take something away from me in order to test my faith in Him. One day I may elaborate on that a little more, and to some friends I have, but just know I have a real fear. I do understand that it’s a stupid fear, but it’s a real fear nonetheless.

But like I mentioned earlier, my focus this year is to pray and ask God to do some big things in our life and in order to fully surrender to him and for this to really mean something, I’m going to have to have FAITH and TRUST.

Here’s to an AMAZING 2020!