I feel like this evening is the first opportunity I’ve had in a while to sit down and just BE. Today was the last day of school instruction for the kids, so that will free up quite a bit of time for us moving forward. We are so ready for summer break to be here!

We have about 2 weeks left in Arkansas. The month of May is moving so slow for us, haha. The majority of our home is packed and ready to go, and while that’s SO AWESOME and helpful, it also creates a certain level of difficulty when some of the things you’re used to using are in a box. It may seem silly to some to have your house 90% packed with a month left to live in it, but through many instances of moving trial and error throughout our marriage, we have concluded this is just the way to go.

Shelby has been working in Louisiana for about 2 weeks. It fits his personality so well, and we are just beyond thankful for this fresh start. The area we are moving to seems like such a wonderful place. Everyone we’ve talked to with ties to Louisiana seems to light up when we mention where we are going, and they’re so genuinely excited for us! The people we’ve met in Louisiana so far have been so incredibly nice. It makes the stresses of moving a little easier when you’re able to work with such kind people.

One of the big prayers I had for the new year was to be able to stay home with Harper. I made this a prayer of mine at a time when the possibility of staying home with her was impossible, but look at what God had in store for us. I’m praying that everything we THINK is going to happen actually happens, and I’m able to make this a longer term opportunity than just the summer. I wanted the chance to do the things I WANTED to do with and for my family, instead of those things always coming up second. I can’t help but feel excited for the future. I just can’t wait to get moved, get our house settled, and just start living life. I have so many hopes, and dreams, and plans.. I’m ready to get started.