Happy February!

We’ve made it a whole month in to the new year! We’ve had 31 days to work out the kinks in our new goals and routines, and by now we should be working rather smoothly right through this new month. One blog I used to follow mentioned allowing herself the entire month of January to figure things out. You’re usually starting new routines or trying to tackle new goals, and things don’t always work out 100% the way you think. Sometimes you need to tweak things. That’s why she starts her new year goals “for real” on February 1. I like that idea!

I’m really excited for February to get here. We are inching our way towards spring time, and I always love the colors and treats of Valentine’s Day. It’s also mine and my Poppy’s birthday month, so it’s definitely a special month for me! Each year we have a mini at home Valentine’s Day party that the kids really enjoy. We usually make Red Lobster at home and pretend we are out at a fancy restaurant. I love that it’s become a bit of a family tradition. I hope my kiddos pass some of our traditions along to their kids someday. Happy memories that make me smile.

I have a desire to blog more this year. I used to blog consistently when we lived in Hawaii and the beginning parts of Mississippi. I used to have my own blog design business – maybe a fun little fact for you today. Haha. I’ve tried to resuscitate my blog so many times over the last couple years, but have failed. I am praying I’m able to prioritize this space for myself in 2021. I enjoy having a creative outlet, and I feel like I’m craving those outlets right now. Hopefully over the course of this year I’m able to build this up to what it used to be. I have met so many great friends through blogging!

Today is February 1st and also a Monday, which is a double win for my personality. I love starting things at either the beginning of the month, or the beginning of the week. February gave me a special gift by having the first of the month align with the first of the week. I’m hopeful that this is the beginning of wonderful things to come. Praying the same for you too!