Easter Charcuterie Board Ideas

I love putting together charcuterie boards for the holidays. My kids love it and always look forward to it. The possibilities when putting these things together are truly endless! Plus, they really are so much fun!

As I was planning for our own fun board this year, I thought I’d share some of my ideas with you.

Here is our board from last year :

As you can see, it’s made up of all sweets. These we call “dessert boards” and we will eat them after dinner. If we end up putting savory + sweet snacks, we may end up just eating THAT for dinner while we watch a movie. I’d love to host a party someday and have a really big one for everyone to feast on!

Sometimes the hardest part of putting these together is thinking of WHAT you’re going to actually put on it. In hopes of helping you, and myself, I created a little list of things below. I hope it helps! (Scroll to see it all)