September = Harry Potter

The kids LOVE to watch Harry Potter in the Fall. It just seems fitting to sort of kick off our Fall festivities! In August we had a month long movie marathon where we watched all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, so we thought we’d take the month of September to do the same for all the Harry Potter movies! Since there are so many HP movies, we are having to watch 2 per week, so hopefully we don’t get burnt out before the month is over!

I love TRYING to make life feel fun, so I made a poster for our fridge to get the kids excited about the movie marathon and to keep us on track of what to watch in what order.

I’m not super savvy on all things Harry Potter (just yet), so I don’t even know if these pictures coincide with the movie they’re next to, but surely after this month I’ll be better educated on it! I’m hoping that for the last week of movies we can throw ourselves a HARRY POTTER Party. There are so many fun things I’ve found on Pinterest to try. I’m excited to think about it!

While we watch our HP movies, we’ve been diffusing some HP inspired essential oil blends. I love patchouli this time of year, I almost catch myself adding it to every blend I diffuse! Here are some fun Harry Potter inspired diffuser blends to try, if you’re in to that sort of thing!

I’m excited to think we can make this a September family tradition that we can build on each year. 🙂