FUN Back to School Traditions

I shared in another post about making a smooth transition from summer time to a new school year, and that post was more “business” than fun. This post, on the other hand, is a FUN ONE! I’ve seen families do these things at the beginning of a new school year, and it creates such fun memories for their kids. I thought I’d share some fun back to school tradition ideas with you here!

Back-to-School Breakfast: Start the first day of school with a special breakfast for your child. You can make their favorite meal or prepare a themed breakfast to make it extra fun.

School Supply Shopping Spree: Take your child on a school supply shopping spree. Let them pick out their own backpack, notebooks, pens, and other supplies. It can be an exciting way to get them involved and build anticipation for the new school year.

Photo Time Capsule: Take a photo of your child on the first day of school each year. Store these photos in a special album or folder. Over time, you’ll have a wonderful collection showing their growth and milestones.

“About Me” Interview: Conduct an “About Me” interview with your child before the first day of school. Ask them questions about their favorite things, their goals for the year, and their excitement or concerns. Keep these interviews as a keepsake and compare them each year.

Special Note in Lunchbox: Write a special note or draw a little picture to tuck into your child’s lunchbox or backpack. It’s a simple way to show them that you’re thinking of them during the school day.

Family Celebration Dinner: Plan a family dinner to celebrate the start of the school year. Cook your child’s favorite meal or go out to a restaurant of their choice. Use this time to talk about their expectations and share excitement for the upcoming year.

After-School Treat: Surprise your child with a special treat or activity after their first day of school. It could be a trip to the park, a visit to their favorite ice cream shop, or even a movie night at home.

Back-to-School Countdown: Create a countdown calendar or chart to mark the days until school starts. Each day, let your child cross off or remove a sticker to build anticipation for the first day.

Welcome Home Banner: Decorate your front door or entryway with a “Welcome Home” banner to greet your child when they return from their first day of school. It’s a lovely way to make them feel special and celebrated.

Yearly Reflection: Towards the end of the school year, sit down with your child and reflect on the highlights and achievements of the year. Talk about their growth and progress, and discuss their plans and goals for the upcoming year.

What’s a back to school tradition your family participates in each year?