Small steps lead to BIG results!

Making positive changes in life can feel overwhelming, especially when we feel like there are so many changes we want to make. But, if you break those changes off into smaller pieces, they feel much more manageable.

What brings motivation? For me, it’s successful completion of a to do list. It’s a “win”.

I thought to myself, how can I have little wins throughout the week and keep myself motivated to make these small changes, which will lead to BIG changes over time? That’s where the idea of “the Seven Weekly Wins Club” came from.

I have so many things I want to accomplish as this year progresses. Different areas I want to conquer. But I can’t do it all at the same time, at least not yet. By focusing on ONE area each day, and making small changes and creating new habits in those areas, I can really accomplish a lot in a years time.

DIGGING EVEN DEEPER, are there things you want to stop doing in order to reach your goals? Maybe you want to stop drinking soda, or stop staying up so late, or stop spending your time on things that don’t benefit you or make you better. You can spin this to where you decide that on each day of the week you’re going to STOP doing something as your “win”. This method is equally as beneficial.

Each week may look different, but that’s OK. Different things are going to go on in our lives in the weeks to come, and depending on where we are and what’s going on and how we are feeling, we can still make an effort to better ourselves in some way.

I’d love for you to come along for the ride. There’s strength in numbers!

This is the framework of my personal Seven Weekly Wins journey. Do you have different areas you want to focus on? You can change the topic of focus to be whatever you want. What’s most important to you?

Perhaps you have ONE or TWO major areas of your life that you feel like you want to make some changes. Maybe your path would resemble something like “SEVEN WEEKLY WINS FOR MY JOB” or “SEVEN WEEKLY WINS FOR MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY SPOUSE”. You don’t have to focus on a separate area each day. You could focus on ONE area of your life, then create small “wins” each day of the week to help you accomplish the goals you have in that area.

I really feel like this will be extremely beneficial in my “path to a better me”. It is a framework to put me in the right mindset and to break off smaller to manage pieces of the big picture. I can’t help but share this with you, because I truly feel like this could benefit you as well.

You can follow along on INSTAGRAM. And don’t forget to check out the Seven Weekly Wins Resources page! Maybe together we can make this a positive movement for others, not just ourselves! #sevenweeklywins