Life Lately

We are inching our way up the rollercoaster and we are sooo close to barreling down the other side!  We’ve already been going through the house and boxing things up, and making some progress.  This weekend Shelby and I will hit it pretty hard and try to knock out the majority of what’s remaining.  

Tomorrow is my last day at work by myself.  I’ve been frantically trying to get a manual together for my replacement.  It’s been hard finding some time to myself to really work on it, and now there’s a big time crunch .. I’m definitely feeling the pressure.  There is so much information to cover! If you’re ever feeling like you don’t do enough at work, try writing a manual! You’ll realize you actually do a LOT!

Friday is Shelby’s graduation.  I’m so excited to have the day off to spend with him, our sweet kiddos, and Shelby’s parents.  We are all so incredibly proud of him! He came in this evening with his cap and gown on to show the kids .. their faces were completely lit up.  You could see the excitement and pride in their eyes.  They know that Shelby has been working towards this goal for so long.  It was such a sweet thing to see.  We decided to let them skip school on Friday so that they could attend graduation.  I’m happy they will have this memory of seeing their daddy walk across the stage.  

Harper has had an eventful week or so.  Last week she was diagnosed with RSV and a double ear infection.  Since then she’s broken a tooth through the gum, and started rolling over for us.  She’s naturally a happy and chill baby, so we didn’t realize she was so sick.  We just thought she had a cold.  Once she got on some meds we could tell that YES she really hadn’t been feeling good.  Right now she’s SO bubbly and happy.  She makes us all laugh every single day.  I don’t know how we got so lucky with this baby! 

I think after Friday things will really start picking up for us.  It’s busy right now, but I truly feel this is the calm before the storm.  We pull out for Arkansas in 9 days.  Single digits! There are still a few things I’d really like to do before we leave.. but I’m so worried I won’t have a chance.  I’m sad that Christmas time is so close as well – I really want to get some gifts for the kids teachers, but when do I have time? And we are spending a lot of money right now with the move.  I will be back in Starkville for 1 day after the new year.  Maybe I can get my act together and bring some goodies back to them.  

I can’t wait to share some memories of Shelby’s graduation with you soon.  Tomorrow is his final presentation, and then he’s D O N E !  If you get a chance, think happy thoughts for him tomorrow and Friday!