One Week

We’ve been in Arkansas for 1 week now. We are SO thankful to be here! Packing up and leaving Starkville was physically exhausting. There were moments where I felt like we’d never get the truck loaded. We were so tired, and so anxious, and so D.O.N.E by the time it came to pull out of town. It seems like we are always in the same situation when we move. When the time comes to finally hit the road, we are so ready go get going. Maybe it’s a way of making it easier to leave. Haha, who knows!

We are starting to get settled in our new town. It’s a lot busier than Starkville is. There are soooo many places to shop and to eat. I love having options! If you are at all familiar with Starkville, MS you’ll know there’s really not a lot to do there. There’s no shopping really, and a few restaurants that we would alternate between. I’m so happy to see a Target and a Home Goods and a Hobby Lobby within 5 minutes of our house. About 10 minutes away from our house is an outlet mall and a Bass Pro Shop. If we want to eat out, we have so many options. We really love that. And that’s just our town, not even Little Rock. I’m excited to explore all the new places and see all the new things to do!

Shelby started work yesterday. It’s a slow week or so at the club, so that makes it nice while he’s trying to learn the dynamic and the flow at work. Things will really start to pick up soon.

The kids start their new school on January 7th. We haven’t been able to actually enroll them in school yet. They told us we had to wait until school started back on the 7th. So I’m not sure how that will go on the first day back. I think they’re excited about their new school. I think they’re nervous too, which is to be expected. I hope they get placed with wonderful teachers and are able to find some really good friends soon. I hope they’re able to get in with the right circles and be surrounded by kids who will help them be the best versions of themselves.

I have a job interview on January 15th. So far that’s the only positive feedback I’ve received about a potential job. I’ve been passed over for a handful of jobs I’m 100% qualified for. I know that everything happens for a reason, and I’m going to find the job I’m supposed to have – but it is frustrating to be passed up on something you know you can do, and do well. I told myself I wouldn’t let it bother me when I “don’t meet the minimum qualifications” on a job I actually DO meet (and exceed) the minimum qualifications for, but it’s hard. I’m going to try to do better about that.

Believe it or not, we are still living out of boxes. This is what’s the hardest for me I think. I need my spaces to be organized and things to be in their place. Right now NOTHING is in it’s place, except for the kitchen. I’m so ready for things to just be in place and our routine to be established and for us to start living life. I’m so impatient on that. I need to get my act together because it makes me sort of on edge and grumpy. 99% of me is so happy and excited to be here, I’ve just gotta work on that crazy 1% of a perfectionist that lives in my mind. haha

Until next time!