Cold Brew Protein Coffee

Anyone who knows me knows I am a coffee enthusiast. I’m a bit obsessed. I really love a sweet, flavored, iced coffee.. but those aren’t always the best for me. SO MUCH SUGAR. While it’s totally fine to indulge sometimes, and trust me I do, it’s nice to have a healthier alternative that I still enjoy!

I love the idea of a protein shake, but I’ve never been able to enjoy them and I end up wasting a lot of them. They are sort of thick and about half way through it just feels like it’s all stuck to my tongue.

I got the wild idea to mix cold brew coffee with my protein drinks, and I think I’ve finally found a way I can enjoy them! The coffee helps thin out the protein drink, and the coffee flavor takes over a bit, and it’s soooo good. No need to add any type of sweetener either. I have almost exclusively gone from drinking hot coffee to cold brew protein coffee in the mornings!

I was buying cold brew from the grocery store, and it was starting to get a little pricey. I started making my own cold brew using the Country Line Kitchen Cold Brew maker and it’s SO EASY!! I purchased the large one (64 oz) and it takes 2 cups of ground coffee + water. You fill the liner inside with the coffee, add water to the top, and let it sit for 24 hours. That’s it! I refill my old cold brew bottle with one batch of the cold brew and then make another batch that stays in the cold brew maker. (It’s a cute mason jar) I have coffee to last me quite a while that way. Best purchase for someone who likes coffee! And MUCH cheaper than buying cold brew coffee for almost $6 a pop at the store.

Another must have for my cold brew coffee is Jordan’s Skinny Mixes. OH MY GOODNESS. They are SO GOOD! My mom got me some to try, so that’s how I was introduced to them. You can find them at Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls .. or online. I like to use the peanut butter cup syrup with chocolate protein drinks. It tastes like dessert.

With the multiple different flavors of protein drinks out there, and the MANY different flavors of syrups available, the possibilities are endless. I’ll definitely be sharing my favorites!